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Michael L. Thompson

Awards For Special Recognitions

Are you searching for something different to recognize a person for years of dedicated service? “Person” of the year? Or a lifetime achievement?

Over the years many of us have accumulated certificates and plaques.  Where do we place a new award?  

Why not select a turned piece of art hand made from beautiful wood with unique colors and amazing grain?  A turned piece of wooden art is something that can be enjoyed for years and years.

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Bowls or vases make perfect awards.  They can be given as they are or with a base.  The base provides a location to place a brass plate with information about the recipient and the award.

Pieces for awards can be selected from the Gallery on this web site or in person at my Studio. I prefer that the pieces are selected in person but I understand that it is not always possible. Please contact me for prices or if you have a specific species of wood in mind but don’t see it in the Gallery.

Available bases are square, rectangle or round with different profiled edges.  The size of the base needs to vary so it matches the size of piece being displayed and the size of the brass plate.  (Brass plates are added by the purchaser.) Prices of bases vary according to species, size, shape and type of edge profile. If interested please contact for a quote.

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